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For fifty years

Passion and sacrifice: two elements firmly bound in the life ad in the professional career of the old company owner, Potito Marchetti, mechanic for occupation and especially vocation. A professional choice taken when he was only 10, when Marchetti started working for the best workshops in the city (we are talking about the far 1933). Hard times between the two world wars, years in which the work was not a gift, for this reason who wanted to learn a trade needed to learn tricks and secret on his own. As a good fans of motors, Marchetti didn't remain deaf to the hollo of speed and from the charm of motorbike, training daily on different veichles until he bought from the world champion Umberto Masetti a "500 Saturno Gran Premio", bought for an amount that compared to that period parameters seems today almost prohibitive: 900 thousand lire. On the Gilera, Marchetti took part to 2 Italy tours and to different matches scheduled for the category, always getting placements of a certain importance.
At 22 years old, Marchetti got on his own. At early 1960s, with on him a big expirence grown up with years of training at workshops like Jaguar, Prinz and Peugeot, and a serious, strong and orrect management policy, always on the customer side and for the customer, the workshop of the mechanic-driver become the Mercedes concessionaire, position strongly kept until to the big jump, came in the 1989, with the recognition from Mercedes Benz Italy, who made an authorized support point.
Mercedes Marchetti: for 50 years of expirience and reliability for the customers' service.

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